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    Everyone of Yuanyang sees quality as important as company’s foundation stone and the base of existing, the successful development history of Yuanyang shall largely contribute to the emphasis and stresses that have been laid on the building and operating of a mature quality system.
Quality System in Operation
Chinese national standards:GB/T19001-2000
Chinese military standards:GJB9001A-2001
Quality Policies
Sticking to quality management
Continuous quality improvement
Making and supplying quality products
Always satisfy clients

Quality Mission of 2007
Overall satisfaction rate of clients > 95%
Rate of timely delivery >98%
Disqualifications a month <3 times
Quality improvement projects a year >10 pieces
Qualification Rate of delivered products > 99%
P :Plan. Set objective, figure out detailed plan and steps.
D : Do. Sufficiently exchange with colleagues and achieve common knowledge on objective, then do it as planned.
C : Check. Evaluate and check the results and analyze the causes.
A: Action. Action immediately to rectify the bad influence in the short term, establish mechanism through accumulation of experiences in the long term.
By combining all the knowledge of characteristics of products, industries engaged and itself, Yuanyang will design and finally apply them in daily work the detailed quality improvement measures for each identified quality procedure, complying with principles of PDCA. Besides attaching importance to improvement of identified procedure, same will be laid on that of measures themselves, which has been proved to be a most effective way to realize quality missions. 
For example, from 2002 to 2006, the application of PDCA has helped Yuanyang get widely acknowledged by Japanese customers for its JIS standard shipboard cables, after successfully completing the quality improvement on required subjects such as whiteness of EPR insulation, wear resistance of insulation printing, density of fillers, properties of painting, stripping property of braiding and outer sheath.
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